Setting up social sharing

Chatroll’s Social Sharing feature encourages users to promote your chat to their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter, which can help grow your audience.

By default, Social Sharing is turned on. To turn off/on Social Sharing:

  1. Go to your chat dashboard.
  2. Click Sharing > Settings.


  3. Toggle the Sharing switch.
  4. Click the Save Settings button.

When turned on, Social Sharing displays Share and Tweet buttons in your chat. When users click Share (for Facebook) or Tweet (for Twitter), they will be prompted to post a message with a URL that links to the page with your chat.


You can see how many users have clicked on the social sharing buttons by viewing the Share Button Clicks graph in your Analytics.


In the Sharing URL section, you can see the URL that will be posted on Facebook or Twitter. If Detect Automatically is checked, Chatroll detects the website where your chat is embedded. When users click the shared link, they are redirected to the page with your chat. If the chat is not embedded, the URL links directly to a dashboard view of your chat.

You can specify a URL to be shared by un-checking the Detect Automatically option and manually entering the URL.


To customize the shared message, modify the message in the Sharing Message field. You will see what the shared message will look like in the Sharing Preview.


Click the Save Settings button to save changes.

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