Cross Posting: copying messages from one chat to another

The Cross Posting feature allows you to select questions or comments posted in one chat and post them in a separate chat in your Chatroll account. Cross Posting is useful for highlighting specific questions and for Q&A.

Note: The Cross Posting feature is currently only available with Enterprise plans.

To use Cross Posting:

  1. Set up two chats in your account. Messages will be cross posted from the first chat to the second chat.
  2. Copy the Dashboard URL of the second chat. You can find the Dashboard URL by logging in to the second chat and clicking Settings > General.


  3. In the first chat, click Moderation > Message Posting.

  4. In the Cross Posting Target field, paste the Dashboard URL of the second chat.


  5. Click the Update Target button.

  6. Use your mouse to hover over a posted message in the first chat. A green icon will show that says Cross Post.


  7. Click the Cross Post icon on a message to post it into the second chat.

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